Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12116

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Jason Dodd
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Business Opportunity Rule
I've been a registered IBO since May 05'. First goal was to make $100, learn how to build a successful Quixtar business, and be able to help others do the same thing. The lifestyle adjustment has been all positive. The impact of this business has been physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial; all for the better. I continue to become an all around better, more productive person because of this business regardless of financial gain. Who In this great country can't use some self-improvement? That is one of the great benefits of this business people receive through the mentorship program. My own personal gain, I couldn't find anywhere else. I Love this business! When I got registered I had no idea that the benefits would be this great. I was attracted to the $ and have received so much more. I was provided with adequate info. to make an educated decision. Any questions I had were answered. I was made fully aware it was not "get rich quick", that's one reason I knew it was a real Opportunity. Information is provided: upfront, in person, and at every training venue; that it does take work, its not easy, and income produced is a direct correlation to effort put in per individual. There is always more info. provided to anyone who wants it. We don't hide the fact that it is a business that requires work, just as in any field. This is stated over and over, that continuous work using techniques that are taught over the course of time will produce the desired income and results vary based on time and effort applied. Registration is about $160 with 6 month money back guarantee, for those who decide its not for them. Through my line of sponsorship we never have, and never will just sign up prospects immediately. We encourage our prospects to take their time to get a much info they need to make a valid decision. The flip side to that is, prospects like me that understand the numbers and want to make money as fast as possible. By not having a 7 day waiting period for registering/ or anything else; this allows for fast growth. Which is key to getting people started and helping them create income as soon as possible. This immediate registration process we have now, for those prospects that have enough info. to do so, enables us to bring new people on very quickly. Without a waiting period we can, in a reasonably short period of time, 1 week to 2 months develope for these new IBO's incomes of $100-500 even $1000 very quickly. This quick income producing capability raises belief, which is a key to buliding a successful business. It allows new prospects that are ready, to be the ones making $ instead just seeing and hearing about other people that are. Keeping in mind it is not "get rich quick" They get to see income first hand for themselves, virtually from day one. This is a tremendous plus for all business owners involved. I feel this is the best thing about the franchise system. We work with each new prospect to develope a game plan based on where their at and where they want to go by, continuing to help using the training and support system to create their desired income and lifestyle. Without a 7 day wait, references, or income proofs; which ultimately slow down the income generating process for these new prospects; we can continue to move forward. Besides, through the training system my mentors provide, these prospects get the chance to meet, in person, these IBO's at all stated income levels, receive their mentorship first hand as we continue to help them build their team and increase their incomes. For me personally, this meant more to me than hearing about this person or that with X income. Any policy that would hinder this will hurt us and all furture IBOs. I want to thank you for what you do. If it wasn't for the FTC we wouldn't have the business opportunity we have today. This country was founded on Free Enterprise. I hope you continue to do your best to keep it that way. Again thank you and God bless. Sincerely, JD