Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12103

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Marion Bartlett
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Business Opportunity Rule
There are many of us who are trying to start a small internet business to supplement our incomes. We are not trying to defraud anyone. Nor do we plan to do so. If the proposal that you are contemplating now goes into effect, it will put almost, if not all, small businesses in network marketing out of business. There is no way that we can be sure that we would be able to meet all your requirements for disclosure and still be able to run our business. We would be too busy doing the clerical work necessary to gather the information you want us to have available. It seems that there is the chance, and a really good one, that by making a small error in wording, belief of the truth of something at the time stated, or some other mistake, one would be assumed quilty of trying to defraud potential propects who might be interested in our business. Nor am I easy with the idea that someone can give my personal information out to anyone without my permission. It is one thing to say yes, I will be willing to give a reference and let me know who you would like me to contact. But I do not want my personal information just handed about to anyone. There are enough ways already that one can get on mailing, calling, and email lists. Will these regulations effect people who sell on auction sites such as eBay? Would someone who offered material on opening and operating a business be considered as coming under this proposal? Over the past two years I have been seeking a means to supplement my income. I am retired and the jobs open to people over 65 are few and far between. Most businesses want younger people even for jobs paying minimum wages. Without the opportunity to get into a networking operation, I will be one of many who will have to go to the government to get additional help to meet my expenses-rent, utilities, medical care, medical insurance, etc. Most of us are not looking to make thousands of dollars but just the small amount that is necessary today to meet expenses and stay off some kind of welfare. Thank you taking the time to consider my comments.