Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12100

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Andrea Walters
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Business Opportunity Rule
Dear FTC, My Hunband and I are proud to be business owners. We thank God for the Quixtar Business Opportunity we saw 13 years ago. This opportunity has changed our lives both personally and financially. I had a backgournd in banking and I was layed off in 2001 and if it was not for my business I would have been homeless today. I am truly blessed. We were introduced to this opportunity by a very dear friend. We both attended a formal business meeting. The information was pure, clear and such a simple concept. We knew this was for us. We're both BIG Dreamers and with our salaries at our 9 to five jobs we knew it would be impossible to achieve those dreams and goals. Today we share this opportunity to anyone who is ambitiously looking to get ahead. Understand we are not selling this opportunity, we're offering it and we're making a major inpact in changing the average person. We today have access to a lifetime mentorship relationship with our business partners and we offer the same to our new partners. Again, we thank God for this opportunity, we saw 13 years ago for a very small cost and today the cost is basically the same, not to mention our 100% money back guarantee policy. I don't think I'll have enough room to explain how this business has affected our lives in a positive way. I do hope however that you understand that we love this business and its still the BEST decision we've made, it has changed our tremendously. God Bless you all, Andea Walters