Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12077

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Melody Dillon
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Business Opportunity Rule
Dear FTC: I have recently become aware of your proposed Business Opportunity Rule. Although I do see some merit on its intented purpose I feel that the restrictions and problems it would cause are far greater in number than the good that you intend. I have been in the direct sale industry for over 5 years. My first foray into this industry was in selling toys. I loved the products but I found myself going into debt with the upkeep and promotion of my business. Others were able to make money but I did not. LIVE AND LEARN. It was not the company's fault but I just wasn't able to find local interest in the products due to my areas economy plus my delivery/presentation probably wasn't the best..But it was a learning experience for me. I am not crying about it. I did not ever blame anyone or accuse anyone for wrongfully representing what to was a learning experience. I still sell toys for that company but now I work my business smarter and not harder. After reviewing the key points in your Business Opportunity Rule I feel that you are intending to protect the public from the "used car salesman" (NOTE: my apologies to car salesmen) but you know what I mean, you want to protect people from getting "a lemon". Although that is admirable, the ruling also creates a stigma that our home party industry is something to be feared. YOU ARE SO WRONG. I am guilty of only " sharing the love" of my business and it's products. Everything we offer and everything I say about my own experience is all available in writing. But it is my excitement and credibility and professionalism that should be taken into account and not some ink on paper. For the past 2 years I have also added a new product line...Lia Sophia Jewelry...and WOW! what a difference. I believe my failed attempt at toys has helped me with my Jewelry business. I have had tremendous success and because I said YES to the Lia Sophia opportunity there are now to-date over 98 ladies that have joined my team and they are LOVING IT! They are all running their OWN business and are living the AMERICAN DREAM. There are some people who dream of success and then there are those that work for it. With Lia Sophia you CAN EARN a fabulous income... and be PROUD of your accomplishments and be your OWN boss.. you are in the business FOR yourself, but never BY yourself. In June my husband was laid off his job, and now he too wants to experience the incredible opportunity that Lia Sophia provides. At the age of 55, he does not find many employement opportunities in our area that would allow him the flexibility, income, or the self -respect that he deserves. I encourage you to reconsider your Business Opportunity Rule and to do your research by communicating with those in our industry that really do treat our business with the utmost respect, honesty, and professionalism. I have an address book of MANY of these people. 7 days to wait for the best career choice of your life is too long to wait. In one week many things could happen - just ask my husband. He had no clue that he was going to be laid off his job. Whether you have a job or not..the bills keep coming and they expect to be paid. In our industry you can create your own schedule and you are in full control as to how much money you make. If you want a raise..just schedule more shows. Try to do that with any 9-5 job. I started this business as a hobby and it has now become the major income of our household, it has changed our lives forever. I have a job that I am very proud of. HOW ABOUT YOU! Might I suggest that you contact me or ANY Lia Sophia Advisor and book a show, or check out our website..mine is We have nothing to hide. We do not have "LEMONS" We change peoples lives. Thank you for your time. Melody Dillon