Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12076

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Daine Meinen
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Business Opportunity Rule
Hi, my name is Daine Meinen, i am 22 years old and I have been involved with the Quixtar business opportunity for 3 years and have nothing but positive experiences. Because of this opportunity and the tight nit team besides the financial gain that i have made, marriage has flourished and i have also learned a lot about patriotism, I also have made a lot of awesome friends and in all reality have matured because of the fact that I put my self in a position that i had to have responsibility and had to "grow up". When I was exposed to the opportunity I was actually sat down with several times before I got my IBO number for two reasons: one, i was only making about $35 a week while going to school and two, I was given a lot of information about the opportunity and what it was going to take. I have duplicated the way that i was registered, when i sit down with someone I go over five main things, one: the number and the opportunity, two: the fact that it takes work, I do that by using the analogy of a gym "just because you go get a membership at a gym its not going to add inches to your biceps, it's going to take persistent work" three: how, and how much I'm willing to help them, and four: how to fit it into their lifestyle if it is something that they choose to do, and five: the fact that it costs right around $170 (depends on taxes and shipping) and that it is 100% refundable for up to six months. I'm excited about the fact that you guys want to make some new Rules to weed out the "Get Rich Quick Schemes" and all of the "Pyramid Schemes" out there. But I do have some concerns with some of the new rules that are being proposed to do so. The seven day rule would really slow business down a lot, not only affecting people that are already involved and making income, but also the people that are getting registered, it would take them a lot longer to start making any income, when that is what they are getting involved with it in the first place. There is also a couple concerns about the rule where a prospect must be given ten different references. I see where that would be a good idea to slow illegal programs, but it could defiantly give the prospect the opportunity to decide that they want to get registered by someone else, which could cause grief between IBO's which would hence push people away from a legit business. The rule where we would need to provide records of litigations against each company could seriously cripple every company, legal or illegal. The reason why I say that is because in network marketing companies especially the ones that have been around for a while deal with a lot of people, honest and dishonest. Most litigations involving Quixtar are basically because an IBO was building his business dishonestly, not because of the company itself. If every company out there where required to provide that type of information to either employee's or their potential customers, any company would have trouble doing business, whether it was a huge company like Ford or a small Mom and Pop business. The rule about income I believe is totally in appropriate because of two reasons. The main one is that it doesn't matter what you have done, but what you are going to do. It would allow a prospect to know who is the best at the specific business and go ask them to sponsor them instead of the person who referred them. And two it's just not good business. I work at sprint during the day and that is one of the biggest things that they frown upon.