Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12060

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Richard Perkins
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Business Opportunity Rule
I've been in business since 1980 and have experience good cash flow since I began. I'm now ready to take my business to a whole new level. The excellent relationship I have with my wife and the excellent relationships I'm experiencing with my friends largely come from building this business. This business is a very vital and important part of my life. Before I registered I received ample information to help me make a quality decision to register and I provide the same quality information to prospects today before they register. When I'm giving the business plan, I make sure they know that it requires work to succeed and that their success will be determined by their willingness to learn and to grow business teams. When a prospect registers into my business, their registration fee is $125 which includes an optional product pack and I let them know they have a 180 day money back guarantee. Most of the people I register, register within 2 to 7 days after I have shown in the plan. During this time I'm providing them with additional Quixtar (products and business) follow-up information to help them make a quality decision. Once the prospect has made a decision to join they want to activate into the business immediately. Another 7 day delay would often cause the new prospect to never take action of any kind. This would negatively affect the profitability of both the prospect and me. While going through the process of giving a new prospect the information they need to make a quality decision to register, building trust between the prospect and me is absolutely vital. If I were required to provide a list of local IBO's to contact before they decided to register, that trust could be eroded due to misinformation. This could cause my prospect to look at other network marketing systems to be registered and it would only serve to create confusion for him and everyone else he's talking to. I always invite my new prospect to meet the other players on my team at either local or online workshops which we provide every week. This provides a very healthy atmosphere for the new prospect to learn about and meet the people that will be helping them to build their business team. By the way I really don't want to let my name, address and phone number to be made available to other prospects. In my opinion this would definitely be a violation of privacy. For the most part my key prospects are people who have been employees most all of their life and really don't possess a great deal of business skills or understanding of business processes. Our training system helps people to develop their business skills and a better understanding of our business world. Providing the new prospect with a "litigation list" could prove frightening and very disruptive. In my opinion the excellent track record and performance of Quixtar is what needs to be examined and unappreciated by the new prospect. Let's let the merits of Quixtar stand on its own two feet. During the plan I provide average incomes of IBO's which Quixtar provides. In my opinion this is very adequate and provides a very real reference for the new prospect to evaluate the financial benefits which are available to him or her. To be required to provide separate and individual disclosures would create confusion because every individual situation is different and private. I do not disclose my personal income in my Quixtar business to anyone. I also didn't disclose my income when I was a manager for a large corporation hiring people. My personal finances are my business alone and quite frankly are no one else's business. I would rather have people look at my quality of life and how I treat others as their measure in this area. People come into our business with a wide range of personal and business skills ranging from very low to very high. When skills are high, they can make $ sooner. When skills are low, they will need more personal growth and training to make the money.