Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12054

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hugh adkins
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been associated with multi-level marketing for about 18 years. I have enjoyed the people I have been in business with. Any time I have shared an opportunity with someone I try to give information they would need to make a decision if they want to move forward. The same way I was lead into business. I have worked with people who want to move quickly and others who want to move very slowly. And thats ok. I don't think a 7 day waiting period would benefit most people. The proposed item to give 10 people to call is an invasion of peoples privacy. I know I don't want people calling me to ask my opinion. They need to get their information from the person sharing the business with them. I know you are trying to keep scams down and I appreciate that. The proposed item to provide a list of litigation is unnecessary. I have never gone to any business (Walmart, Target or any other) where someone from that company met me at the door to let me know of any past, present or future litigation that company may have gone through, are going through or may go through. The item concerning income and income levels. Quixtar has a form given to all prospects (SA4400). I don't know how other businesses disclose their potential income levels. Thank you for considering my comments.