Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12050

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Craig Martel
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Business Opportunity Rule
I am writing to you to voice my concerns to your Business Opportunity Rule. However, I do applaud your goal to eliminate frauds, scams, and pyramids. I am involved in a Quixtar business which is a first class company. My concerns are as follows: I always give any prospect all the facts of the business, and if they do their due diligence, it should not take a professional seven days to evaluate a business with this small of an investment. Also, Quixtar provides a 100% money back guarentee for the first six months eliminating any risk. If someone "loses" money, it is secondary to their inability to ask for a refund. For this reason, I feel it would be unfair to link Quixtar together with fradulent companies. Second, I feel that the proposed ten contacts stipulation is unfair for two reasons; solicitation and speed. What I mean by this is that we do not blindly solicit people. We teach everyone to build a relationship with someone prior to attaining their interest in the business. We do not open the phone book and start calling people. As for speed, that is an individual choice. Different people build their businesses at different speeds. Quixtar provides a two to five year plan, not two to five days or weeks. It is not a get-rich-quick proposition, and anyone who gets in thinking that they do not have to do any work will not last. Therefore, it would be unfair to contact these people for feedback when they did not have honorable intentions to start with. I applaud your efforts to eliminate fradulent business claims, scams, and pyramid schemes, however, some of your propositions will actually hurt the legitimate businesses which enhance the free enterprise system of this country, and makes the United States the great nation that it is. I thank you for your time and consideration.