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Ingrid Durrant
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Business Opportunity Rule
Dear FTC, My name is Dr.Ingrid Durrant and I'm an IBO who has a business powered by QUIXTAR. As IBOs, we already as a matter of course invite prospects to meet with other IBOs on the team, and also in other teams. It may adversely affect my business to give prospects names of other IBOs before they get started with me, as they may come across someone who may persuade them to sign with them. I also don't like the idea of other people giving out my name as a reference. Once they have been shown the plan, they are invited to a business preview, where they can meet EVERY SINGLE ACTIVE IBO in Barbados! Every single one, in one meeting which is once a week, and these meetings also go on in the USA. This business is based on word of mouth, not advertising in the media or any other public form of advertising, and as such, if prospects had to wait 7 days before registering, many would lose interest in such a great opportunity as this.Which is a shame,as in this business you can legitimately make $$ from Day 1. Imagine such a rule being applied to my medical practise, having to disclose not only what I make(!!!???), but also giving to potential patients, the names and addresses of my competitive colleagues, and asking the patient to wait 7 days before they decide if they REALLY want me to be their Doctor! Wouldn't a patient in need of medical care then go where they can get prompt service? What is so great about the Quixtar business is the $$ back guarantee.If after they have started they wish to return product or any material, their $$ is returned. Even for us way over in Barbados this is so! I greatly appreciate the effort to quash questionable get-rich-quick schemes, and pyramids and so on, but if some of those rules I mentioned are implemented, then you would be penalizing the innocent to get to the guilty. Namely, me! Please research for yourself all the Quixtar business material- you will find that practically everything states what the average IBO makes, and that the prospect is not guaranteed to make any amount of $$. Check out "Success From Home" magazine, and you will see. Wishing you every success in your effort to make Free Enterprise truly free--free from scamsters, and frauds and crooks, and freedom to build businesses without fear of stifling and debilitating restrictions. Yours Sincerely, Dr.Ingrid Durrant