Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12021

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Garry Anyan
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Business Opportunity Rule
My wife and I have been Quixtar IBO's for about 15 months, In that time we have built a small but growing business. This business is ideal for people who want to build additional income and eventually replace their daily job. When we were introduced to the business we were given all the information that we requested and we were not pressured in any way to register in the business. We knew that this was not 'get rich quick' and there would be considerable effort on our part to build this business properly. We realize that there is a need to regulate this business model for the protection of the prospective IBO's but this needs to be done in a way that does not hinder the growth of individual business. Some of the proposed changes are exceedingly overreaching and will prohibit fair business practice. #1. The proposed 7 day waiting period is not needed. Since we have a full money back guarentee for 6 months this is not needed. #2. Giving prospects a list of 10 other IBO's for reference. This would give the potential prospect a list of 'competitors' that could sign up the prospect and also infringes on the privacy of all of the 'references' that would be required. This isbad on both sides. #3.Requirement for specific earnings disclosure. At the present time we disclose the amount the average IBO makes when we present the plan. The income potential that is possible with the business is entirely dependant on the individuals own effort and dedication to build their business. This is made clear to the prospective IBO during the business presentation. All in all Regulations are needed to prevent fraud from being prevelant in our business'. But over regulation is a good way to hurt many honest and hard working business owners. Thank you