Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12012

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Stan Fisher
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Business Opportunity Rule
Dear FTC, I have been a business owner contracted with Amway and now Quixtar since September 1986. Before that I was involve in the livestock and farming business. This opportunity has been a substantial part of our income since July 1987. The fact that it is a performance pay compensation instead of a seniority pay schedule changes the understanding of the concept. After working for 2 big companies that were union and determined compensation by how long you can endure and work a system that penalizes the performer and rewards the unproductive, it is understandable that lots of people see our industry as deceiving and misleading especially if they have never been involved in personal business ownership in the normal economy. That said, to have a seven day waiting period after a potential prospect sees a presentation is not relevant to any other business and I would hope, that as we do, the prospect is educated to make a personal decision based upon honest research and evaluation. To have to provide a list of references is one thing but we use a team approach where the people who have helped us succeed are not only available but recommended to contact the prospect so their is more than 1 input. We chose those people based on vested support of everyone's success. In rural America it is often impossible to stay in a particular area and not always are the people involved on the same team with the same strategy no more than the Denver Broncos have the same strategy as the Kansas City Chiefs even though they have the same goal in mind. Litigation List- what's up with that. This is unheard of in any other industry. Why would giving someone who knows nothing about a relationship of people-usually one wanting something for nothing from someone who has done what the other one wasn't willing to do, be beneficial in any way. When people are researching an income producing business you would hope they would go to the successful people and aspire to do what they do not to the failures and disgruntled ones and see what not to do! Earnings disclosures and financial substantiation should come from a regulated firm that shows the average of the top producers with no names and no connection to who it is specifically. Very few people have their salaries and incomes posted for the world to view why should our industry be different. There should be however, an approved diagram or presentation of the compensation available for everyone to verify potential earnings. Quixtar provides that. I believe the real issue in our industry is naive people who think there is something for nothing out in cyber space and the close minded (cave people-citizens against virtually everything) that make up the few that ruin it for the many. If you would regulate and enforce the golden rule of business-that numbers of people move a volume of products and that creates a profit of dollars. Eliminate the money from registration and front loading of products you would minimize the problems of our industry. Thank you for you consideration of this commentary and I hope this helps in making your final decisions on a great industry that for the most part is still years ahead of it's time. Stan Fisher