Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12003

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Manga Sreenivasu
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
Quixtar business opprtunity was offered to us through one of my co-worker and we were given all the required information to make a decision to be part of the business team. This business opportunity gave us choice of having the additional income to support our family needs outside of the full time job income. We were able to effectively utilise our evening and weekend time to grow our business. Here are our concerns on the proposed FTC rule. Prohibit prospects from registering as IBO's until seven days after they receive a disclosure document: Many times we register IBOs in long distance locations (flying to other cities) and the new proposed FTC rule require us to invest more time and money in making multiple visits to register the prospect as an IBO. We do have a 6 months money back on the registration cost and the optional product bundle that comes along with the registration. This will allow the prospect to cancel the registartion at any time within the first 6 months time frame. The newly registered IBO will not be able to register his family, friends until seven days after he/she register as an IBO. The proposed 7 days time requirement effects the new IBO ability to earn the income from the day 1 he/she register as an IBO. We request FTC not to impose the 7 day waiting period before a prospect could register as an IBO. This will siginificantly impact our ability to earn income through this great level playing field business opportunity powered by