Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11971

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Pat Pryor
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Business Opportunity Rule
My husband and I just became IBOs with Quixtar this year, and I just retired from my job. I know my retirement money is not going to be enough to keep me going. My goals are to help my parents, who don't have enough to barely live on, and to get my husband home from work. When I registered, I received more than enough information to make an decision. When my sponsors teach me to show the business to others, we make sure they know that the Quixtar business opportunity is not a get rich quick plan, that hard work is required, and that there are no guarantees of success. I do not support the seven day waiting period, at least for our opportunity. I spent $135 to register, and we personally guarantee that money back if they decide to leave the business within a year, for reasons of failure due to lack of success earned by true effort. I do not support the requirement to provide 10 references. Right now I do not know 10 other Quixtar people well enough to ask to be a reference, so if this is a requirement, I wouldn't know where to start. We do go to and take prospective owners, for free, to Open Meetings. And I wouldn't have wanted to interview or listen to 10 other owners before I started this. I do not support the requirement to disclose past litigation. I don't even know or care what all the past litigation has been. I am concentrating on what to do in the future, and that is enough for right now. I do not support the requirement to make a different disclosure for every income claim. I do not support the requirement to provide prospects with personal financial documents to back up or substantiate any income claim. I don't care what papers others show me; I want to see my own money. I understand supply of this information may be required by the FTC and similar state agencies in an agency investigation, but not to people who have no business knowing my personal finances. I can describe the impact my Quixtar business has made on my lifestyle with many examples: 1. personal growth for me and my husband 2. better relationship with my husband already 3. possibility of paying off the mortgage on the house a lot sooner 4. a great group of people to be with, and people who really care 5. hope for the life of my grandchildren that they will not have to spend all their working life with people they do not particularly care to be with, doing something they may not care to do.