Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11970

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Melodee Sarver
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Business Opportunity Rule
I've been an Independant Business Owner for nineteen years. I have been able to diversify my income. My daily life decisions have become better and I've raised my standard of living.I grew up around the mentors within the business and I have learned what true success is. I recieved more than enough information on day of registration to make an informed descision. When I sponsor I provide the same great information and resources that were provided for me. I am very straight with prospects and show them the numbers and legal overview. I let them know its a simple concept, however it takes work. I give them the choice to get around the people I'm working with so they can see for themselves. The investment to get fully started is 150.00, they can cancel at anytime. I don't refund registration. The association and opportunity has provided me with a close family with hope, values, great experiences and memories. I am addressing specific concerns. First I don't believe requiring a seven day waiting period is beneficial. Why? We live in America, this is the land of freedom and choice to determine for oneself. This would be a burden to track and would slow the excitment and momentum of business. Income production would not be as immediate. Having seven days of waitng with no results causes doubt. Prior to registration individuals get all information needed to make an informed decision. Each indivual has different situations and people prepare at different rates, it shouldn't be regulated. Second, having to provide prospects with IBO's to contact is risky because I put the time into building a friendship and trust that could be easy ruined by someone else's better sales techniques. This doesn't allow for an even playing field. I wouldn't want random people calling me as a reference. It would be a violation of my privacy. There are plenty of opportunities in a professional business atmosphere to allow prospects to meet the people we work with. If someone is truely interested in this legit business they will take the time to meet the people and do the research. We have meetings for questions and answers. Third, a litigation list would not adequately release information that has anything to do with the individual business owner. I see no benefit in pulling up the negative, it would only limit the person from seeing all the great achievements. We shouldn't be categorized and misrepresented by past negatives. Fourth, earning disclosure like all business is discussed, everything from earnings,savinges and possibliites. I believe its not professional to show off how much money you make. Its not about you, its about how you can help them achieve. I never disclose the amount of money I make for security and privacy reasons. I explain with examples of how my life has changed or what I have been rewarded with because of the freedom from money constraints. I edify and prove results with examples of those who have been working hard. It would not be appropriate to disclose personal information of how much money I'm making. I don't want some people to know how much I make, its a security issue. Thank you for your time and consideration when making adjustments to a process that already works and has positive proven results. Sincerely, Melodee Sarver