Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11958

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Al Curtis
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Business Opportunity Rule
Business Opportunity Rule RS11993 I appreciate the concerns of the FTC,but I have great concern that this rule will do great financial and business harm to individual owners like myself.I have been an independent distributor in Xango since April 2006. I have belonged to other MLM'S in the past and I have not had anyone with returns.Each person that purchases from Xango has a 30 day money back guarantee. To ask people to wait 7 days to sign a contract to become a distributor is a vital blow to this Industry.Imagine,every business you wanted to purchase from, told you it would be 7-days before you can get your products.This would clog up the economy and sales.Each new distributor pays only $35.00 to become a distributor. If they decide they want get out,they will not have to pay a penalty to give up their membership.Most or my customers and distributors do not live near me.All of their purchases are drop shipped to their door by Xango.People are very concerned about giving up their personal information and if they think someone they don't know will call and ask them all kind of questions,this will be very devasting to my business.Xango requests that we do not make any earnings claims,because every person will have different financial resources, they will not be the same.I hope you will separate legitimate MLM business's from the dishonest.We ask you to not close the door on the ones's who have a legitimate business and products.I hope the FTC will focus on MLM fraudulant companies before they actually begin soliciting people into their companies.I hope you will focus on these people and penalize them now.I hope you will come up with a trap to catch and fine these people. Thank you for this opportunity, Al Curtis Xango Independant Distributor