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Aaron Bergh
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Business Opportunity Rule
My name is Aaron Bergh. My wife and I have been business owners in the Quixtar organization for a little over three years. Quixtar has meant a lot to my family. It is a way that we can spend time together as well as do something for our future together. I have fun building the business and I am excited about moving on in the next three months to eagle structure and platinum a few months after that. When I was registered, I felt that I had adequate information to research the business. I was given information about the quixtar company and introduced personally to other Independant Business Owners at the weekly meeting that I attended so that I could learn more about the opportunity. I believe that when someone sees this opportunity, they have more than enough resources available to them to find out whatever information they want to find out. I refer people to my uplines in the business and to the BBB as well as giving them the telephone number for the FTC if they want to check it out. It is completely unnecessary to present the litigation of the past ten years to them. Every company has law suits and there is no reason why the IBO should be required to supply that information when it is available for them to find if they will pu tforth some effort of their own to look for it. I tell the people that it is not a "get rich quick" plan. In fact, I tell them that owning a business including this one takes a lot of work. Our business is simple, but it is not easy and certainly not a get rich quick business, although it is quicker than some things out there, like my job. The people I tell about the business know that the only guarantee they have is the one that they put on their own work ethic. If they are willing to work in the business, then we will work together to make it work for him. I give them that personal guarantee. When I register people, I typically have them purchase some product that has a money back guarantee on it. The products help solidify the company and the value of the opportunity to the prospect. It typically will cost between $130 - $160 to register in this fassion ... depending on what the prospect wants to purchase. One last thing that I wanted to mention that would be an excelent way to help prove the legitimacy of the MLM. Quixtar has a 6 month money back guarantee on everything that they offer to the IBO or consumer including the registration fee. Any IBO can get thier money back if they feel they do not want to build the business within 6 months. That may be the best way to accomplish what you are trying to do. I am not the expert, those are just my thoughts. I hope that I have helped. Aaron