Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11910

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Chris Von Mosch
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have had the privelege of being in business partnered with as our supplier for more than two years. This business has been one of the greatest and most positive experiences of my life, not only because it provides a legitimate opportunity to generate a sizable income, but also because the training and support team we work with, LTD, promotes values such as honesty, integrity, discipline and leadership principles that I certainly had not learned in any other area of my life, such as high school or college. I believe that prolonged exposure to this team allows people to make the choice to develop themselves into more productive citizens of our country, which in turn may help to turn what I believe to be a period of moral degradation in this country around by offering individuals who through building themselves can serve as a higher standard to their own families as well as local communities. In short, LTD in partnership with is a highly desirable business element in the United States. Next, the rules that the FTC has proposed in regards to opportunities such as, while meaning well, are slightly off-the-mark when it comes to application towards legitimate and legal companies. In other words, these rules are so focused on disrupting the practices of illegal business and scams that they would infringe on the ability of companies such as Quixtar to grow and take advantage of our system of free enterprise. One of the greatest objections I have would be to the seven day waiting period between the period of full disclosure and the actual registration of the prospect. With our system, three meeting are involved in the registration process before we allow someone to join our team, which spans at the very least two days, more often 3-5. A brief and general summary of our business is followed by a full walkthrough of the business system, at which point prospects are loaned legally approved literature and CDs to provide more information and all of the numerical information regarding income at each level involved. After this is a follow-up, which generally occurs the next day or the day after, which runs through more information, any questions the prospect may have, as well as beginning the process of helping them to begin their business if they want to. I believe this three-step process is more than enough opportunity for prospects to back out if they wish to. On our team, there is no pressure to get more information is none is wanted. By waiting seven days, the excitement generated by the opportunity almost always fades, leading them to not only not register with us, but also to dispose of our materials, which we of course spend our own money to purchase. Simply put, I believe a seven day waiting period to simply be an exaggerated and unnecessary period of time to wait considering our existing process for getting prospects started. The other aspect I want to cover is the necessary disclosure of personal financial statements to prospects. First of all, this is a huge invasion of our privacy. Second, some of our people who have not applied themselves as was necessary to build a profitable business (I include myself in this category) find themselves much better off personally, but without the financial bonuses of a large business. While I believe examples of income for individuals in business would be acceptable, I believe personal financial statements could be misleading either way. For those with tremendous initial success, personal statements could make prospects believe that all representatives of Quixtar make large amounts of money in a very short period of time, which is not always true. At the same time, those of us who have been working the business for a while but have not seen all of the benefits would show a prospect that a business affiliated with Quixtar simply isn't profitable, which is also untrue. Everyone grows at a different rate depending on how hard they work.