Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11907

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Jason Shipman
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Business Opportunity Rule
My wife and I have been independent business owners with Quixtar since July 2003. Our success in the Quixtar business opportunity has allowed us to replace my wife's income as an elementary school teacher. The income we have generated through our Quixtar business enabled my wife to leave her teaching profession and become a stay-at-home Mom to our daughter Madeline back in May 2004. This business opportunity and the people we have associated with through the Quixtar business have been a total blessing in our lives. Regarding the proposed FTC regulations, requiring a seven-day waiting period for IBOs to register is not necessary. No other industry such as purchasing a car or home, or opening bank accounts requires any such waiting period. Potential business prospects are never pressured into registering and given as much time as they need to make a good decision for themselves. Also, Quixtar provides a 6-month money-back refund on individuals starting their business. This money-back guarantee allows prospects a test period to try out the business. All prospects are informed at every business meeting that this is not "Get Rich Quick" and that the business takes work like any other business. Requiring a personal reference list of local IBOs is also not necessary. We have local IBO meeting weekly where we meet at a neutral location like a Hotel Conference Room. This local meeting gives potential prospects a chance to meet other IBOs in the local area. I would not feel comfortable giving out my personal information on a reference list where I would receive potential phone calls or correspondence from strangers. My business keeps me busy enough; I don't need additional communications from strangers. Regarding providing a list of legal allegations against Quixtar, this is ridiculous. No other business requires such a litigation list (e.g. builders, lawyers, doctors, etc.) be provided to their clients or customers. Also, in today's legal environment, frivolous lawsuits are filed daily from people looking to take advantage of businesses. Businesses like Wal-Mart have lawsuits filed against them daily, yet I don't receive a litigation list when i walk in the doors of their stores. Every business and profession has "bad apples". Don't punish all of the good IBOs because of the actions of a single individual. Regarding requiring IBOs to calculate and make different income disclosures, we are required by Quixtar to provide a SA4400 form to prospects which documents the avg. monthly gross income, gives projected income with various sizes of the business, and summarizes the business plan. Also, when prospects ask for specific data on income, we provide more detailed calculations for them. I will share my personal income with select prospects who I know I can trust but I would not feel comfortable sharing my personal financial information with all potential prospects. In closing, we hope that the FTC will continue to support the legitimate independent business owners and not hinder our businesses with widespread requirements that would punish all for the actions of a few unscrupulous individuals. Quixtar provides us with a credible, fair business opportunity. Best Regards, Jason and Nicole Shipman Quixtar IBOs