Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11901

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Susan McGrath
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Business Opportunity Rule
To whom it may concern: I have been involved in direct selling for many years. Currently I am involved with Xango. My husband introduced me to the industry 18 years ago. He was introduced to the industry by a personal friend. Over the years we have been involved in several companies and have had many positive experiences from them. I still am employee of a typical business model and prefer the direct selling model for many reasons. Personally I have grown more from my home based business than I have from 24 years as an employee. My home based business requires me to continually change. Over the years I have learned how to listen, teach, empower, motivate, and sacrifice. I now have the confidence to speak in public and am comfortable giving presentations. I understand that there are people that misuse this industry; however the majority are responsible, upholding and concerned business people. This ruling unfairly targets my legitimate direct selling business by possibly imposing a seven-day waiting period. This will cause unnecessary delays in my business and it will be an administrative nightmare. The reporting of litigation is unfair as it does not distinguish between wining and losing lawsuits. Many lawsuits are totally irrelevant to my business. It will be extremely difficult for me to collect the required data for the earning claims as well as references. Many times I deal with potential business partners that are not near my home based business. It was be impractical for me to find the nearest 10 sales people in the area. It may also be a privacy issue for some. I have approximately 10 hours a week that I dedicate to my home based business. If you add these time consuming and extremely difficult steps you have reduced the number of hours that I will actually be working my business. It would be the same as mandating employers have employees take a four hour lunch break in their eight hour day. Very little work would actually be done. I applaud the FTC in their efforts to protect the public. Please consult the experts in this industry when making a ruling, The Direct Selling Industry, as they have made a considerable contribution to society.