Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11900

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John Winter
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Business Opportunity Rule
Greetings, I've been a business owner with quixtar since May 2002. Since starting my business I got married in 2003. Our business is flourishing. We've attained the platinum level. Quixtar fits into our lives as we both work full time as an Engineer and a Registered Nurse. We have goals of becoming financially free with this opportunity so we can raise a family and instill our values into them. Business ownership provided by Quixtar has my wife and me to have better communication since we are forced to talk or business won't grow. Before I became an owner I got a chance to meet dozens of other business owners in my area. This was great, to be able to meet and greet others, and ask a question or two. I received a package of info for me to look at at home. And this is the process my organization and I use when expanding our business team. It's clear to prospects this is not a get rich quick deal and we tell them and filter out the curious from the truly interested prospects. Start-up costs are around $180 with products. All of which has a 100% money back guarantee. The seven day waiting period and the reference list are unnecessary since before they register they get to have personal contact with other owners and they get a package of info which supplies all the facts one would consider before starting. This rule would hinder the growth of our legitimate business and other non-legitimate companies would just ignore the rule and operate illegally. Eliminate the litigation list as false claims are often misleading to prospects. As for specific earnings disclosures Quixtar gives us a sheet which shows the average owners monthly earnings. I believe it would violate my freedom to provide my financial earnings with anyone other than the gov. As I'm not selling my business, only offering an opportunity to someone else. Thank you for asking for input. Please strongly consider elimination of the proposal. John & Katie Winter Quixtar IBO's Ohio