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Business Opportunity Rule
Me and My Wife have been an Independent Business Owner with the QUIXTAR opportunity from last 2 years and we have been enjoying our journey in our business ever since. We have reached the SILVER level in our business and are working towards our PLATINUMSHIP in the coming fiscal year. We were introduced to this business through my colleague and she and her husband provided us with all the information needed to make a quality decison regarding the business. They informed us about the work involved to succeed in the business and that this was no quick money making scheme. You have to work hard to make your business successful. They showed us by example how to go and build your business with honesty and integrity. Also it costs around 140 dollars to get started inculding the optional product pack that basically introduces little bit about the product range in the business. Also this money is refundable if you decide not to build your business. We have been building the business with complete honesty and integrity and that is one of our main reason of success so far in this business. Our goal is to provide all the detailed information to the new prospects who are being shown the opportunity so they can make a quality decision for themselves. I specifically make sure to let new people know that this is no GET RICH QUICK SCHEME and that the business requires sincere hardwork. This business has helped us in many ways in our personal life as now we can dream together and set goals together where we can work together and go ahead and achieve them. We have gained tremendous friends all throughout the country through this business which would have not been possible otherwise. Regarding the proposed rule ..... the seven day waiting period would be a big block in hampering our business becuase this would stop every new IBO to hold on to 7 days before he can do anything in the business. As a business owner I want to start expanding my business right away and I want to start making money from day one. Also this would be very inconvienent and rather very ODD for new people that you can start your business and cannot expand till seven days or do nothing for 7 days. As an IBO this would the growth for our business as now we have to wait for 7 days before anyone can get started with us in business that would directly be proportional to delay in my income as a business owner. I dont see any additional benefit for the 7 day rule for new people becuase for whatevr reason if they decide in 7 days or more that they dont want to do the business they can get their money refunded so they dont lose anything. It the current IBO's who would be the ones suffering the most becuase this would be a hindernace for their business growth. Also regarding references ...this would not be fair as we would be giving my prospects name to 10 other Independent business owners saying that my migh prospect might call you to check regarding the business. This would lead to a lot of confusion and there is a chance other business owenrs can prospect your candidate for business also. Also there would be a privacy concern for other business owners because now I have to give their detailed information to every new prospect we meet. I think that is definately not fair. Regarding the litigation list ....anyone can file a case aganist you .... that does not qualify as you being a bad business...just providing any litigation in the last 10 years would not be a great idea for Indepenedent Business Owners because this would hamper our growth because we have to give them everything that is filed even if it is true or not. Regarding income disclusre we have been using the average monthly gross income for the active IBO's and I think that gives a fair idea to anyone who wants to have an income idea. This is an opporutnity based on your efforts it depends on you as to how much income you want to make and how much effort are you willing to give into it.