Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11859

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Mary Lou Nameth
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Business Opportunity Rule
To Whom It May Conern: I am writing this letter because of the proposed Business Opportunity Rule R511993. I understand that part of the FTC's responsibilities is to protect the public from unfair and deceptive acts or practices," yet some of the sections in the proposed rule will make it difficult if not impossible for me to sell lia sophia products and to help bring the opportunity of direct selling to other woman so that their lives and the lives of their families can improve. I have been a lia sophia jewelry advisor for almost the past three years. Originally I became a consultant to supplement some income when my first child started college. Since then, I have proudly and ethically have grown my business to were I have left a full time job working for someone else to working for myself and bringing in an income that affords my family a happy life style. Our sales kit as of August 1st is $149. Prior to this date, the cost was $99. The waiting period in question, gives the impression that there might be a waiting period because there is something wrong with our product or company. Our company offers a buyback policy as well as affords the advisor to reactivate within a year with no additional cost. We offer significant trainng for our advisors so that they are able to progress in their business. I feel that direct selling is not for everyone but the FTC should let the public find that our for themselves, not make the process so hard that no one will want to try. Keeping detailed reports of this sort would take away from the time we have to train our people for the field of selling the product that they signed on for. In this day and age when someone can sue for just about anything, I feel that the only reason to disclose a lawsuit is if lia sophia was found guilty. By disclosing lawsuits that possibly are made for nonsense actions, puts lia sophia and myself at an unfair advantage. Lastly, when people are buying insurance to cover themselves for identity fraud, I find it disturbing that we would have to provide 10 prior purchasers nearest the propsective purchaser. People are very concerned about their privacy and identity theft and I feel will be very reluctant to share their personal information with individuals they may have never met. In conclusion, I appreciate the work that the FTC does to protect consumers, yet I believe this proposed new rule has many unintended consequences and that there are less burdensome alternatives available to achieving your goals. I hope you will be considering not only my comments but the comments of other direct selling advisors. Respectfully, Mary Lou Nameth