Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11853

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Katherine Bryson
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Business Opportunity Rule
There are several business opportunities littered all over the internet and in the news papers claiming you can make amazing amounts of money with little work. I have tried several, read their emails, visited their websites, and bought into their claims. Very little additional information was given after I paid, no personal contact information was provided so I could get mentorship, as a result I could not make their system work. I do believe that restrictions should be made on this type of opportunity. There should be personal contact information given so you can talk to the person you are purchasing from. There should be an average income disclosed, and also a reasonable cancellation policy available where if you cannot get any results you can get your money back. Through trial and error, I have finally found one business opportunity that is different from the rest, Quixtar. My husband and I have been an Independent Business Owner with Quixtar since October 2005. We registered initially to get savings on the items we purchase anyway and a few weeks later decided to use it as a business and generate income. The cost of registering was clearly explained (cost was $142.52, registration plus a product intro pack with 60.00 worth of product) also with the guarantee that if we were unsatisfied we could get a full refund (30 day on registration, 180 day on product). Emphasis was also given that if we did decide to build a business it would take hard work and dedication absolutely not a get rich quick scheme. All of this same information is passed on to people we share our business with. Weekly-Biweekly meetings are held each month for prospects to meet the other people on our team, information is gathered, and they can get answers to their questions. A seven day waiting period would cause delay in the process resulting in lost bonus income for us and the potential IBO. The delay then would be multiplied if the new prospect registered and then had to wait an additional seven days to start their business. With out being able to experience how quickly our system can work, they may loose interest and not get benefit out of the money they spent to register. The requirement to provide references would be a touchy one. Some people do not like their personal information given out to others without their knowledge. They would also have to take the time out of their day to answer the questions of the prospect without monetary gain. The same would be true of people calling us for information. As stated above, meetings are held where they can meet additional members of the business and questions can be freely asked there. In any business, earnings are a private matter. None of the business professionals we have delt with in other industries are asked for their monthly earning. I think if we did ask, the question would be thought of as rude and unnecessary. Quixtar does provide the average income for business owners at each level of the business. So far we have found that the averages are accurate. Earning in this business depend on the level of work you commit to. If the prospect uses your example to base his earning on with out knowing the amount of work you have or have not performed, he will get an inaccurate picture. Thank you for the opportunity to discuss our experience and thoughts.