Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11842

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Ann Marie Lorenzini
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Business Opportunity Rule
I ask that you consider the small business owners such as myself who have retired from the regular workforce and now supplement incomes by working at a home-based business. I became a Xango distributor in Dec. 2004 after experiencing some extraordinary health benefits which had eluded me for many years. Subsequently, I have had positive results with other health concerns. I am able to share my story and experiences with others and, if they're interested, can immediately help them to acquire the product. The proposed waiting period would not be beneficial for my business. When someone wants to get started, they want to do so right away and the seven day waiting period would prove onerous to say the least. My company has a money-back guarantee that helps us to be up front with everyone and gives credence to the validity of the company and its product. Also, the confidentiality issue when asked to provide names and addresses is of concern. In these days of identity theft, there are those who do not want their personal information given out. Please reconsider this issue and help us legitimate home-based business owners stay in business. Thank you.