Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11819

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Harsh Desai
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Business Opportunity Rule
We, Harsh & Aditi Desai have been independant business owners with Quixtar for the last 2 years. Our next goal is to PLATINUM in by Sept 2006. Thanks to the Quixtar opportunity that we have a stable income source on top of our jobs. Our family life is much happier due to the liberty of making choices. We were registered in the business by our dear friend from los angeles and were made available enough information through literature, CDs, information seminars and product samples in order to make a wise decision. In our opinion, the 7-day waiting period will really slow down the progress of the business. It would be more tedious on a prospect to have seen the business presentation 6 days ago and to make a judgement on that several days later. In cases where we are working long distance groups, it makes more sense to go face to face and answer questions and help someone get started right, One of the most important factors is helping someone getting started right and teaching him the next steps. 7 days later it may not be possible to meet the person again to help him do this. Besides, Quixtar offers a full money back gaurantee on not only products purchased but also the signup cost. We provide the prospect with all the literature and CDs to educate and inform him, so if he is excited about starting his business, a 7-day restriction will only slow him down. About providing references, I trust the integrity of each independant business owner involved with Quixtar but giving out references seems to violate my privacy and the discomfort of my contact numbers in hands of several unknown people. We have information seminars where a prospect can be introduced to several other business owners and are free to get information. Regarding disclosure of financial earnings, the SA4400 clearly mentions the average income of an IBO. Also the document clearly indicates the Math and the percentages which shows the income of IBO at each stage. The prospect is loaned this material to understand these numbers. Also, we have levels in the business of platinum, emerald, diamond which are indicative of the income levels in the business. Sharing my personal information is like making it public to everyony who is even just slightly interested in the business. If the prospect decides not pursue the opportunity, he still has my financial information with him which is quite discomforting. I sincerely believe that these restrictions might take the motivation away from a prospective business owner and hinder the growth of our business. A new IBO may have no earning to show or references to share, or may not be comfortable sharing his contact information with people. The quixtar opportunity well educates its prospects with CDs, literature, personal consulting time, information seminars and product seminars. However if the the prospect has unforseen situations where he has to discontinue building his business he can always get a full refund. I hope FTC will take our comments into consideration and allow us to keep the keep the business simple. We really would like to be truly successful and grow in this business and help many of our downline team succeed through the Quixtar opportunity. Eliminating unnecessary restrictions will help us keep growing Sincerely, Harsh & Aditi Desai Independent Business Owners ( IBO# 3823032 California.