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Business Opportunity Rule
Respected Sir/Madam, I am an Independent Buisness Owner affiliated with the incredible Quixtar Buisness opportunity.I have been in buisness for myself for a year now and it has been a dream come true.I have a background in the high tech software industry and the quixtar buisness opportunity has given me unlimited opportunities. Apart from the income that i make form this buisness, the most important thing i cherish is the association of the magnificent men & women who are already building this buisness and those who have alredy built it to a substantial level.This opportunity has not only enabled me to meet my goals but the most amazing part is that i did not have to change my schedules and in return it enhanced my lifestyle. When i registered, i was given all the authentic information ,in detail that helped me in making the right decision.Because of my personal experience , ww employ the same practice and while sponsoring others we provide them with all the information , just like it was given to us, which helps them to make an informed decision.Our prospects understand that it requires hard work to build this buisness and it is not a "get rich quick" scheme.It is the transparency of our buisness which tells our prospects that hard work combined with honesty and integrity will help them achieve whatever goals they intend to achieve from this buisness. Following are our concerns for the specific issues at hand:- a)As an IBO, a seven day waiting period will affect our sponsoring, it will delay our procedures and in turn affect the profitability of our buisness because in turn a new IBO again will have to go through the waiting period to register his or her friends and family. When we show our buisness plan to a new prospect , we give them in detail info regarding our buisness model, how it works and what can they achieve for themselves, from our buisness. Moreover for the seven day waiting period, In an opportunity like Quixtar our new IBO's and prospects can get their money back if they are not satisfied. b) By providing our prospects a list of 10 IBO's in the area will not only infringe on the privacy of every IBO whose contacts were given to the prospect, but it'll penalise the sponsor as the prospect might register themselves with any other IBO. c)In case of providing a litigation list, it would only open up the Quixtar opprtunity for false accusations while dishonest companies may simply ignore the rule. d) Regarding income claims, while showing the plan we share with our prospects the SA-4400 documents which clearly states the average monthly gross income. e)the requirement for financial substantiation:- While showing the plan we always mention the impact Quixtar buisness has had on our lifestyle and it would be inappropriate to show a new prospect our personal incomes and financial records. Respected incharge, we have given our views on the proposed FTC rules, I know it will help FTC in making the approprite decisions which would enhance genuine buisness opportunitites like the Quixtar Buisness. sincerely, shivam