Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11807

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Rachel Bullard
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Business Opportunity Rule
To Whom It May Concern, It has been brought to my attention there are some things with our Quxtar business the FTC is wanting to change: number of days person can register after seeing the Quixtar opportunity, reference check of 10 individuals, provide lawsuits to all prospects, disclosure for every income level, required to provide prospects with personal financial documents. The FTC wanting to make changes in these area's are very concerning as an IBO. First off, Quixtar provides each IBO with 100% money back guarantee, so there really is no need for the person to wait 7 days to get them started. In this day and age, people are soo excited about the opportunity Quixtar provides, their business is growing after 7 days. Secondly - Checking 10 references for prospects is a little much. I currently work a job as an Executive Recruiter and I know of no Corporation that checks 10 references. Corporations do not even like checking references at all, b/c they know it is basically a waste of time b/c each reference is going to provide positive reinforcement of that particular individual, but 10 is quite a large number. I think when people make the decision to start their independent business powered by Quixtar, they should be allowed to run, not be slowed down b/c someone needs to check references. This should not even be an option. Third - providing a list of all lawsuits, arbitrations, etc. Again, working in Corporate America, they do not provide these things to candidates / employees and Corporate America does not provide the positive growth and income opportunity Quixtar provides. Quixtar runs their business with Character and Integrity - much diffferent than Corporate America - and providing this information is just absurd. Why even bother going down a road that does not need to be travelled when working with such a great company? Fourth - by providing disclosures for every income claim, this person would be so inundated by so many different types of incomes, it would be ridiculous. However, we do currently provide a disclosure of average monthly gross income for active IBO's. And last - providing personal financial documents to substantiate any income claim - this is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. A new employee at a corporation is promised X amount of dollars for a base salary + X amount for bonus - DO THEY REALLY EARN THE TOTAL INCOME POTENTIAL? Some do, some don't. Depends on the company - they may get fired and then earn nothing, they may not earn bonus b/c of either not personally performing or company performance, but does the Corporation have to disclose this when they hire on this individual?! Each person's income level in Quixtar is based on THEIR performance and if they CHOOSE to build their business and treat it like a business. However, if they do not build their business and treat it like a hobby and expect to get something for nothing, then their income will directly reflect this. People's personal income they make through the Quixtar business is exactly that - PERSONAL. I do not feel this needs to be disclosed - nor does any prospect really care. All of these bullet points have never been an issue with any prospect I have every met. The Quixtar business is a great opportunity for the average person - why make is complicated and start adding political america rules and regulations into the equation. We appreciate the ability to enterprise in the United States, we appreciate the ability to work with such a reputable company as Quixtar and we appreciate you letting us conduct business as usual. Respectfully, Rachel C. Bullard