Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11791

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Dan Rein
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Business Opportunity Rule
I am a pilot with American Airlines and run a Quixtar business. I would like to share our experience and comments on the proposes rule changes. We started building our business in Jan 2001 after being registered since 1998. Since that time, through the mentorship of successful EDC IBOs John and Cathy Merris we have attained the level of Ruby and an income of around 50K for the last 3 years. This was critical for us because I took a 35% compinsation cut at AA 3 years ago. Without our Quixtar business we would have had to make major lifestyle changes in cluding putting my wife back to work, taking our son out of private school, and selling our home. We work very hard for our success, and never saw this as get rich quick. Airline income is not residule, and that is what we were looking for in this business. We inform all our new IBOs before starting that the start up cost in around $200 with a money back policy for 6 months. We let them know to succeed takes work and an operating budget of arount $100 per month. All participation in our business is voluntary. This process is reinforce through our training and duplicated downline. Before we register IBOs we Show them the Bus Plan, view Quixtar, View, and have them review an intro pack of written and oral material. We only look for those who want our opportunity because we have learned those talked into it, sold it, or pressured quit. SPECIFIC CONCERNS: 1. 7 DAY WAIT PERIOD Our business is a people business and is built quickly and with groups of people. On line reg provides instant access to shopping and sponsoring. Forcing someone to wait 7 days to open businss in like telling Walmart you can build it, open it, let people in, but they can't buy unless they come back in 7 days. No franchise in the world is required to do this and we should not be either. In addition, the 100% money back policy makes the wait period unneed and a huge burned to the success of a new IBO. 2. Provide References First this is a huge violation into people's private lives. Can you imagine if you have an organization of 1000 people who all put you on their list the amount of time required to respond. We do not have individual HR dept to follow-up with everyone. Their is plenty of in at the BBB, FTC and on line to meet anyones investigation of our company, In addition, we have weekly seminars to meet IBOs and our 100% buy pack policy protects the new IBO. 3. Income Disclosure We already disclose the levels of income during the IBO plan. Again, you are treading on individual rights. Do you go around asking people their income where they work? Making people disclose their exact income is way out of bounds. My income in this business, has no impact on a new IBOs potential. 4. Litagation Does walmart, target, Disney have to disclose all the suits against it before you buy something, or enter their park? Again, the internet and BBB, and FTC all have that info if someone wants it. 100% buy back covers all. In closing, we have never been cheated, mislead, or improperly compensated by Quixtar or BWW. This is the most honest, equal playing field, and non discrimatory opportuinity I've ever look at. The proposal seems well intentioned, but to uneccessarily burden legitamate, FTC approved, Court tested business like Quixtar is unfair and not needed. I encougage you to seek and destroy unhonest and illegal scams, but please do not throw the baby out with the bath water Thank you for the opportuinity to respond Dan Rein