Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11775

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Mohamed Noohu
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Business Opportunity Rule
My wife and I have been IBO's since March 1997. The buiness was presented to us in an honest open manner, we were given time to review the material and talk to other IBO's. The business has been a tremendous assist to us in our personal growth, setting individual and family goals and has nurtured in us a very high sense of the the entrepreneurial opportunity that this country stands for. We were new immigrants when we joined the business. We knew, and we pass this on to our new prospects and IBOs' that this is not a get rich quick scheme; rather it is "pay for performance" and also there is no money made in registering people. A product or service has to first be exchanged for money before a bonus check is generated. I guarantee a full refund in 90 days; no questions asked and have done that. In light of my above experiences, if the proposed onerous procedures are followed it will be very detrimental to my business: 1. A wait of seven days means that the IBO will be immediately suspicious that I am hiding something. He will always have a preconceived notion that there is something wrong which will inhibit our working relationship. From day one I need to establish an honest open relationship. This rule will inhibit that. 2. References - no ampunt of references will replace the reputtion of Qixtar. It will be a dual nuisance; for the new IBO and the references when being called. Can you imagone the number of phone calls the references have to answer? New IBOs already meet other IBOs ant our associations and are free to talk and ask questions. I encourage such interaction and as such this would be redundant. 3. The requirement to provide a litigation list would mean a very onerous procedure. What about lawsuits without merit? I would be hardput to explain exceptions and justifications which would take up a lot of time. 4. Earnings disclosure/financial substantiaition - Everyone is in this business on a voluntary basis. There are no quotas or minimums imposed, only guidelines to show what earnings will be when targets are reached. This is what makes this business truly "without a boss" and exciting. In this background, such money earnings and financial disclosure has to meaning unless it is context specific. It is truly impossible to make it context specific. The Quixtar business opportunity affords my family a level of focus, unity and comraderie and personal growth that is hard to be quantified. To me this growth should always precede financial success to be able to handle the monies that will come when we wok the business. All what you are proposing will only negate this sort of benefit to new IBOs. We practice a level of ethics and proper guidleines now that your prposed legislation will not enhance. I t will only put a wooden collar around our neck to be carried as a burden. Regards Mohamed & Shaha Noohu