Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11770

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Daniel Kalis
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Business Opportunity Rule
To Whom It May Concern, Thank you in advance for taking serious consideration of these comments and those of my peers. I understand that, as a governing body, the FTC feels a need to protect the buying public. As a business-savvy organization, you surely understand the benefits of living in a free enterprise society more than many other agencies. Speaking perhaps for the entire "direct sales" industry, but specifically for most of the Quixtar organizations, citizens of the U.S. have every right to accept or reject any offers for products and business opportunities presented to them. In certain industries where a person's health is at stake, i.e. food companies, pharma, etc., making the right decision is much more vital. In the financial realm, it is very apparent that adding more and more government intervention, i.e. mortgage, investment industries, has not done much in the way of protecting consumers, but made them more and more dependent. What this country needs more of is personal self-reliance, just like out founding fathers and other great leaders like Ralph Waldo Emerson taught. The bottom line when it comes to "business oppportunities" is that some people decide to do what it takes and others do not. Some that do not decide to save face and blame anyone and everyone but themselves. This proposed legislation for many reasons would promote more blaming, skepticism and dependency. The exact same dynamic at play here exists in the fitness and exercise world. The only difference is that no one in their right mind can debate that exercise or certain fitness clubs are a "scam." However, an opportunity to get in shape, be physically fit, disease free and more attractive are heavily promoted by fitness professionals. Are they selling pipe dreams, since less than 1% of paying club members actually do what it takes, persistently, to reach the pinnacle of health? A similar percentage may exist in the biz-opp world, of people who actually make it to the top income-earning ranks. But, ultimately, it's totally up to the individual whether to stick it out or not. Certainly there are hypesters and exaggeraters in both industries, but why hurt the very companies that are making the world a better place for literally millions of people and families, via the education systems and financial rewards just to appease the people who give up on their own dreams because a lack of discipline and accountability. As for Quixtar and LTD, specifically, I have been a distributor for 5 other companies in varioius fields. And while none of the others were bad companies with bad people, I can say first hand that the Quixtar organizations have a heavy focus on the following areas: -Insisting that this is NOT a get-rich-quick deal and will take significant work -Education, servitude and friendship above all else, including financial rewards -UNDER-ESTIMATING or totally "low-balling" potential income figures, unlike most companies which inflate them -Understanding and teaching about the price of freedom, free enterprise and appreciating American history -Providing a 6-month 100% money back guarantee on products and administration fees -No need to stockpile and merchandise or inventory So, I ask you with the utmost confidence and respect, as a business-related government agency, please take full consideration of what it means to be a capitalist society and think seriously at the ramifications of the alternative. No matter what amount of regulation is in force in a society, there will always be people how are both happy and unhappy, feel taken advantage of and not. The intentions of 95%+ of direct sales organizations are pure and benefit millions. Please discontinue this push for government intervention and spend more time investigating individual organizations rather then reprimanding the entire industry. The future of our economy and society depends on it. Sincerely and optimistically, Daniel E. Kalis