Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11769

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Francois Deverson
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Business Opportunity Rule
My wife and I have been an IBO's for over 9 years. We have reached the Platinum level and have mapped out a game plan to reach the Ruby level this calendar year 2006 and start our Emerald qualification in January 2007. We have had a wonderful experience and have been able to retire my wife from full time employment which has greatly enhanced our marriage relationship. When we got registered into the business, we were given information to make an informed decision. We were made aware before we registered and make it very clear to prospects that Quixtar is not a "get rich quick" plan and that hard work is required with no guarantees. This is covered when we first meet them, discuss it on the telephone or if and when we meet in person to discuss the business opportunity. We also let them know that there is a 100% money back guarantee if for whatever reason they are not satisfied. I do not agree with having a seven day waiting period to register new people into our business. Our schedule is very busy as it is and this would slow down our business tremendously, if not stop it altogether. Where are we supposed to find the time and money that this seven day waiting period would cost, especially with the rising gas prices? Before and during the registration process we discuss the potential income they can make based upon the amount of work they are willing to put in. We show them clearly how the income is generated at the different levels. We even lend them literature so that they can review on their own time which outlines the how the income is made. The best way for anyone to learn about the business is to get involved and start doing the work that is required right away. This is a hands on business and a seven day waiting period is not fair to the new prospect. As this is an independent business ownership plan, we have no control over who and what type of prospects the people in our organization will approach and therefore it is obvious that we would not want our personal information being put out in the street. Just like peoples job income are not made public, neither should ours. That could also be putting our lives in danger if a negative prospect were to want to try and capitalize on the information they would have on us. In today's society that would be increasing the potential for robbery and identity theft. How would you like if all of your families information were put out in the street opening up your life to potential disaster? The new prospects can meet us in a public place as we currently have it set now and we can make the decision on whether or not to provide them with our personal, private information. Our safety has to come first. Is the proposed requirement to provide a litigation list something that all companies have to do? If not, then why is our business being discriminated against? I don't recall seeing a list of these disclosures when we walk into any department stores, restaurants, mom & pop stores or any other major chain establishments. Is the FTC going to provide that information and track it for all companies? That is an unfair burden that would be imposed on us. When are we supposed to find the time to do this also? I feel that these proposals are an attack on our way of life. I am not about to have my wife go back and start working for some company and have our marriage destroyed. This business has enhanced our marriage relationship which is the core of everything in our lives. To add these restrictions would be preventing us from sharing with people what it has done for us and can do for them.