Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11759

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James Davison
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Business Opportunity Rule
To Whom it may concern, I am new Independant Business Owner, registered 07/02/2006. I fully understand the need to stop fraudulent business opportunity scams from operating in the legal and ethical business community, and I am in full agreement with that. I feel very honored and privalege to live in a country where our government protects the rights of legal and ethical businesses to operate in our free enterprise system. This is a matter of deep concern for me and my posterity. Before I became registered with Quixtar I received thorough factual information about the business background and business plan. After examining all of the information I had been given; my wife and I determined that this is a legal, ethical and wholesome business that we could be proud of being a member for rest of our lives. This is not a get rich quick scam, it actually take hard work to be sucessful with this business; which is being accomplished by many,many Independant Business Owners nationally and internationlly. P.S. To sum up my statement is to say I am fully satified with my choice to be a part of this organization. P.S.S. Please do not force this organization to make changes that will make it impossible for business owners to be suscessful with this organization business plan. Sincerely, James Davison 07/17/06