Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11747

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Kalen Jahnke
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have had my IBO number for about a year and a half and am currently what the business considers a 4000 point organization. I believe what the FTC is proposing overall is a good idea to eliminate fraud with dishonest companies who are truly illegal practices. With my personal involvement with Quixtar I have been very pleased with my association with the corporation and the business team I have the privilage of being a part of. I was given full range to research the company and actually did read some of the accusations that were given about the company before i registered with my number. I have understood from the beginning that this was a business OPPORTUNITY and not a guarantee have been honest in letting other people know that this business does take work and that there are no guarantees. As far as listing all lawsuits, ect. involving Quixtar, this is a business and it doesn't matter what you do... there are going to be people that don't agree or have their opinions of why they did not make it in business. No business is going to be perfect because there are people involved, but i believe that what Quixtar has offered from their literature packs explaining the average income of an active IBO, to their 6 month guarantee on refunding someone who is not satisfied with their experience has fully taken care of allowing people to make their own decisions as to when they would like to start their business. Again I think it is admirable that the FTC is taking steps to get rid of illegal practices, and for the most part are doing a good job of it. But some of the proposed guidelines such as waiting seven days before a person can get registered is kind of insulting when it comes to a company like Quixtar with it's track record of growth and 100% guarantee on start up and their products. There are other companies that do not offer the guarantee that Quxtar offers that i think a lot of them should adhere to these guidelines, but we should not suffer because of other companies who do not hold the standards that Quixtar has had since day one. I personally have benefitted greatly from being a part of this organization and i feel that many more will in the future, but I have gotten here by following the system and treating this like a business, I do not apologize for this business taking work to put together, however i am sorry that there are other opportunities that APPEAR to be similar to Quixtar that take advantage of other people and give legitimate Direct sales companies a bad name. I am against the seven day rule, legitimate companies like Quixtar will suffer due to other companies that do not hold the same standards. I have decided that this is what im doing and I am grateful for the opportunity that i have in America and the availability to own my own business and choose how much work i want to put in. The seven day rule and mandatory lawsuit disclosure i believe is unnecessary for Quixtar. Thank you