Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11738

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Muralidhar Sringari
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Business Opportunity Rule
To Whom it may concern, I have been an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with Amway/Quixtar since 1995 and have achieved the level of Platinum in 2004. As an IBO my next goal is to be an Emerald in the business and thus have an opportunity to be financially free in the next couple of years. This business means more than making money for me for a few reasons. The person who registered me in this business in my own brother, for whom I will be eternally thankful for giving a lifetime opportunity. It has given me a chance to make my dreams come true through hard work and helping other people. Through this business, I have gained invaluable experiance in understanding and dealing with people, gain leadership skills, have been mentored by people whom I respect and admire and more than anything, found a way for me and my wife to build something for our future, working together. It has meant that my wife doesn't have to go and look for a job and thus leave our 20 month old daughter in day care. Through this opportunity, I have made life long friendships. As I mentioned earlier, my own brother registered me in this business and when he explaied the business to me, it made a whole lot of sense. This business meant that if I change my buying habits and teach other people to do the same (ironically we do this everyday of our lives with everything, word of mouth advertising) & by helping people make money, I make money, this was a "no-brainer" to me. This business, I think is the most ethical and moral way of making money, which is by helping others to make money first. I received all the information that I needed when I got started and I continue to do the same with people whom we register. We certainly make sure we give the new prospects all the information they need to make an intelligent decision. We infact give them SA-4400, a FTC approved document that explains the numbers and also has a disclaimer about the average IBO income. We certainly make sure to tell the new prospects that its not a get-rich-quick scheme and there is hard work involved and no guarantees. When we get somebody new registered, apart from the registration fee with Quixtar, which is about $215, we give them an option to start with the tools as recommended by the BWW (Britt World Wide, LLC - our educational system), which will cost them around $100, but we make sure we let them know that the tools are optional. I am sure that the new proposal for changes to the home based businesses are to prevent any fraudulent activites but these changes affect our business in a drastic way, when I think, we have the purest and most honest form of business. Here are responses to some of your proposed changes: 1. 7 day waiting period - This will cause tremendous time loss and income potential for some people. Anyway, Quixtar and BWW, both have a 6 months guarantee on all the products and tools, so if any new prospect doesn't agree with anything, they can always get their money back. Imagine, if I have a family of 10 people and I have to wait 7 days to share this opportunity with each one of them, that will take me 3 months to show it to all of them!!! - Elimanate the wait time. 2. Require 10 referrences - This, I beileve will infringe on the privacy of any IBO whose name, address and phone # was provided to prospects. Also, what if any of those 10 people know my prospect but never showed him/her the biz but will be very happy to sponsor them! - Eliminate 10 references rule. 3. Provide the list of Lawsuits! - Among other problems, this will open up for Quixtar, BWW and other legitimate companies for false accusations. Also, with people suing every company for anything, this doesn't make any sense. If its big enough law suit that one should know, they would already know it - Elimanate disclosure of past litigations. 4. Make Income Discloures in the biz plan - We currently provide an FTC approved document that explains the average IBO monthly income.