Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11731

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Jack Van Ballegooijen
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been a Quixtar Independent Business Owner since 1994, and I'm associated with the World Wide Dream Builders marketing and motivation organization which assists me in building my business. I have found the experience as an IBO to be rewarding on a personal growth level and on an interpersonal relationship basis with those whom I've shared the opportunity and with those who have mentored me along the way. I have concerns with the proposed Business Opportunity Rule as currently proposed. Rather than having to provide financial disclosure of personal finances and specific earnings disclosures to substantiate potential income claims, I find that candidates for our business are better served with information on average IBO earnings. This provides validating evidence of typical income performance without encroaching on the privacy of those already in the business. As a former engineer, I would hardly have asked a prospective employer for a copy of his tax returns to verfiy whether his job offer was acceptable to me or not. In my years in the business, most of the people who have said "no" to the opportunity have never met anyone in the industry who had been successful. Consequently, it is important to introduce those exploring the opportunity to people who have been successful. This, I believe, is a much more direct and credible approach to validating the opportunity than to require the provision of a list of references in the business. A reference list would again impose a burden on my downline and upline associates who already support me more than satisfactorily in providing credibility to prospects. Finally, with respect to providing a list of past and present litagation reqarding fraud, I can find no worthwhile reason for the pursuit of such a rule. I believe that most large companies and individuals of substantial wealth sooner or later find themselves on the defendent's side of the courtroom in some sort of litigation or another. There is no way to effectively keep up with such litigation in order to communicate it to prospective business owners, and there is no way to substantiate the veracity of the litagation. I have seen many of what I consider to be harrassment or "sour grapes" types of lawsuits since I have been associated with the Quixtar opportunity, and I believe that most of the litigation in this industry falls into this category. To have to list these and present the information to prospective business owners accomplishes no positive end, and, I think, infringes on the rights to privacy of those involved in the litagation. I've worked for large companies such as General Motors, United Technologies, and Perkin-Elmer, and I know each of these companies has had its share of law suits. However, I can't imagine that my knowing of what litigation was in progress or pending at the time I accepted offers from these organizations would have made any difference in my decision to join them. Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the proposed Business Opportunity Rule. I hope you will consider my comments and rethink the proposal in my areas of concern. Best Regards, Jack Van Ballegooijen