Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11727

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Linda Zohns
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Business Opportunity Rule
After reading the proposed FTC rule, R511993, my comments, as a registered Independent Business Owner of the Quixtar business are: This is the most discriminatory and biased legislation on home-based businesses that I have ever seen. America was built on "home-based", "Mom & Pop" entities. Here are my feelings and insight on each proposal: 1. You must understand Quixtar is a retail web business, driven by a sound business plan designed to make profit from the sale of products and services via an internet portal, rather than a "brick&mortar" store. Just like General Motors, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Costco, Century 21 Realtors, Sears, Kroger's, etc. , we make profit by connecting people to product and services. As it stands now, do customers of these wholesale/retail firms listed above require customers to wait 7 days to access their goods and services because of government regulation? NO! 2. Are the other retail business mentioned in point #1 required to give "references" to their customers before they make a purchase? (Example: I want to buy a refrigerator at Sears, does Sears have to give me 10 names of customers who purchased a refrigerator from them? NO!) What an invasion of privacy!!! 3. Listing all legal actions, past, present, or pending is unfiar and grossly unjust. Do you see this information posted as you enter General Motors car-dealers? Wal-Mart? Costco? Sears? BestBuy? NO! 4/5. Disclosing personal income, in any job or business, borders on the edge of abuse of governmental privacy laws and opens people up to identity theft. Do all the sales clerks, managers of the above mentioned retail stores do this before you purchase a product from them? NO!!! In closing, Quixtar has provided written materials since it's inception in 1999, to be made available to all current IBO's and those investigating the business plan (SA4400), specific rules of conduct and the consequences of not complying to business standards. These materials clearly state infomation needed to make a quality decision to participate or not in the profit plan. This business has provided the income, and continues to provide income, and will continue to provide future income based on sound business practices and principles. If you adopt these proposals, you, the FTC, will be blatanly disriminating against all family owned small businesses operating today. The Federal Trade Commission needs to rethink these proposals. Sincerely, Linda and Mike Zohns Quixtar IBO's