Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11709

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Akash Haswani
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Business Opportunity Rule
This are some of the suggestions I feel Being an IBO 1) Quixtar offfers the money back guarntee to all products and services for 90 days ....So if any one wants to do something after joining they have more than 7 days So no need of putting a 7 day limit ..We already Fullfill this requirment . 2) For Refernce of the IBO .. Before joining the we make the prospect see the plan at a biiger meeting and we make them on our own meet other IBO for refernce so they can talk to other people and do their research . 3)We always teel in our buissness plan that what some of the ppl think abt us and there is a lot of junk for quixtar on innernet so u can always reasearch that and then decide .. So we do that on our own ... 4)In our liteture we give to new clients and prospects ...its clearly written that what is the avg income of an IBO in quixtar . 5) We cant open any income claim personally . Coz we are entiltied to that to you guys or INS if they ask ...