Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11681

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mark kasten
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Business Opportunity Rule
My wife Lois and I have been in business with Quixtar for over 4 years. As a full time practicing Family Physician we like many other baby boomers found ourselves in a financial situation because of the stock market that changed our plans. This business came into our lives and we have not been the same since. I studied this business model in depth before getting involved. The system and specific rules that Quixtar has already in place present a very fair and honest approach to the opportunity. This business has worked well into our lifestyle. As a full time physician it has allowed me to supplement my income at night and on weekends while working together with my spouse. It clearly is how we will retire since medicine can no longer provide adequate funds for retirement. When we registered we were given more than adequate information to make an informed decision. We give this same information to those we sign up. All our told that this is not a get rich quick scheme and they will have to work at this to be successful. The amount of money to get in was less than 150 dollars and we could get it all back if we wanted to get out. This business will allow us to get out of debt in the next 2 years for a minimal financial investment. This can provide the same opportunity to many others. Requiring a 7 day waiting period before allowing people to get involved would stifle this business. There should be no waiting period for businesses like ours where there is a money back guarantee if they are not satisfied. Every business that is legitimate should be required to offer a money back guarantee within a certain frame to get your money back. The requirment to give every prospect the names, phone numbers and contact information for 10 IBOs in the area is not at workable nor reasonable. This would infringe on the privacy of those other business owners and give those other people to opportunity to sponsor that prospect after I had done the original contact. The solution to this is to eliminate the 10 reference requirement. The requirement to give the prospects a list of lawsuits and other legal claims not only would totally impossible to keep current it would also expose Quixtar and other legitimate companies to false accusations while companies that are dishonest and have no standards would simply ignore these requirements. Since this would be impossible to police the only companies that would suffer would be those of highest integrity. The income disclouse issue is another problem that would lend it self to tremendous variation and confusion. It seems to me that simply stating an average income ( based on the numbers that the company has ) as we already do is clear and honest. Requiring IBOs to provide financial statements is invasion of privacy . If there is an investigation by the FTC then disclosure would be reasonable. In summary, the business opportunity in Quixtar is fair, of the highest integrity and has made a major improvement in the life of my wife and I. I believe that the rules already in place at Quixtar provide all the necessary information and assurances to people getting involved in any networking situation. Thank you. Mark C. Kasten, M.D.