Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11654

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kecia scyphers
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Business Opportunity Rule
I want my voice heard by the FTC. The proposed changes will severley limit my ability to do business as usual in the US. Specifically, the 7 day wainting period change -- this limits how fast a MLM business can grow and that is like imposing sanctions -- moral character and honesty should help guide people's decision to participate rather that a waiting period -- If someone were going to get scammed -- it will just take an addtional 6 days now -- this will not control or stop the "bad guys". Second, the list of references -- honestly only good reference or the people who will say what you want would be handed out -- how will this change anything except for invading someones privacy. Even in employement arenas references lie or only tell partial truths. For those trying to decieve consumers the same will happen if this rule is imposed. Next, the litigation listings -- this just provides people already sceptical with "un-understandable" addition information to confuse them -- the people that are interested in the MLM and business opportunity will, most likely not even bother to read all this crap. Next, the earnings disclosures and financial substantiation -- truely, are you trying to increase fraud??? If everyone starts handing out personal information what kind of increase in identity theft and fraud scemes will we see?? The belief levels and the reasons people join our business is because of a vision of the future and a dream of financial rewards -- not because numbers on paper. In closing, I can understand that you are trying to protect the general population from the "bad guys" and that one bad apple can spoil the whole bushel; however, those of us who are pursuing a business through the free enterprise system and a MLM marketing plan should not be punished because some "bad guys" have injured people who cry wolf loudly and can not take the blame personally for making a poor decision. Please do not impose these new proposed rules on us -- just punish and shut down the "bad guys".