Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11628

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balaji srinivasan
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Business Opportunity Rule
Problem 1: In my past experience building quixtar business giving time of 7 days to the prospect before getting registered dosen't solve any purpose as if a prospect is very excited about the opportunity he should be able to start any time and the money refund policy is available if he wants to cancel his or her membership any time. Problem 2: Giving a list of references to the prospect before 7 days would definitely affect the privacy of every IBO.If the prospect wants references he can come to any of our Meeting and talk to as many people he wants to get more info about the business. Problem 3: Every company including microsoft has lawsuits against them when people join the corporation does these companies show these lawsuits to every prospect. It is the responsiblity for the prospect to do the research and we will be happy to provide any info regarding lawsuits, arbitrations, and other legal claims if the prospect is interested to know more about. Problem 4: Disclosure for every income claim can be shown during the plan presentation. Problem 5: Every IBO who is showing the plan has enough substantiation for any claim they make but it is not required to show it to the prospect.We can show it to any FTC department or any government department but not to every prospect we come across.