Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11595

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Dale Harvey
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
To Whom It May Concern, I am writing in regard to the PROPOSED Business Opportunity Rule and how I feel it affects me and my family. My wife and I began our business 12 years ago. Our quaility of life has increased greatly since that time. Because of this business with the LTD (Leadership Team Development) we have been able to leave our jobs (school teacher and school nurse) and be at home full time. We have a much happier home and marriage because we are chasing our dreams together and working to help other people do the same. We actually began our business the day after we saw the business plan. Thank God, we did not have to wait 7 days. Alot of our contacts have actually taken 7 or more days to start, but since Quixtar has a money back guarantee, a waiting period is not necessary. We have opportunity meetings that we and our people attend that allow our prospects to meet other business owners. That makes more sense to me, than supplying names and numbers of other owners. I also feel supplying names and numbers of other business owners could be viewed as an invasion of privacy. We already provide the income claims in this business and that information is already available to our prospects at the opportunity meeting. Actually, they view the information, (in a restricted manner) before they can begin their business. We do appreciate the work you are doing to make it a legal, ethical and moral playing field for all business opportunities. I must tell you that in the 12 years of our business, we have seen our business based and established with good moral, ethical and legal procedures and we do not feel your current proposal could elevate that in any way. Thank you for your time. Dale and Evelyn Harvey