Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11582

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Jeannie Choate
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Business Opportunity Rule
Dear Sirs; These comments refer to "Business Opportunity Rule, R511993" I have been in the direct selling business for 3-1/2 years. Due to needing additional income for my family with ever increasing cost, I needed to supplement my income of my current job. I was refered by a friend to the company that I am a distributor for and shown the income potential based on my needs and time I had for a home based business. My home based business allows me to have a 2nd income and does not interfer with my other occupation, plus is helping me have residual income building and a monthly income that insures I can pay my ever increasing bills, such as medical insurance, home & auto insurance. My direct selling business has helped me become a more rounded person and has helped me with problem solving skills, and people skills and has really helped me in my full-time job by becoming a leader in my company. I know of lots of middle Americans that need to hold 2 to 3 jobs just to make ends meet and hopefully get alittle ahead. My direct sales business helps me in this regard, by being a 2nd job but I do way more than just have a product to sell, I have a service and product that is available to friends, family and acquanitances that they can get no where else than thru direct sales. My business would fail if my intentions were not totally honorable, creditable and my product the best of its kinds. I am a very wary consumer myself and would never procede with any job or business that was not in the best interest of the consumer. I could never work as an employee or be a self employed business owner myself without the goal of honesty and integrity as top propority. I appreciate the efforts of the FTC consumer protection priorities. I am a consumer many times over on a daily basis. I find all of the people I come in contact with very savy on asking questions and researching products they wish to buy. The general public I believe check out all the items they buy and comparison shop thru all avenues of sales, for the best deal for them. I certainly do and all the potential customers I come in contact do. I feelt the proposed rule cast a very negative light on direct selling plans. I feel it calls for unnecessar record keeping and administrative problems. I find the current system I have with my Company Xango, encourages me to keep accurate personal records and also records of my customers for all of our benefit. I feel the litigation reporting would be very unfair in that it does not distinguish between winning and losing lawsuits. I feel the earnings claims would be difficult to collect in the data form proposed. "Bad actors" would not provide accurate data, while there would be undue hardship on the companies that would supply the ligitimate data. I find it impractical to find 10 nearest sales people, this would lead to privavy and safety issues that all americans are very much aware of and very relutant reveal this information except after careful research that it is to their benefit only. The propsed rule would very much hinder the business I have built and would violate the trust and service I have built with my company and customers. Thank you for your consideration Jeannie Choate