Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11571

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Douglas Andrew
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Business Opportunity Rule
I am a publicschool teacher who can not make ends meet, (pay all my bills), on my salary. I am using the teambuilders and Quixtar business models to supplement my income. I strongly believe that what you're asking would be devastating to our business. I don't know all the lawsuits vs. Quixtar and think to supply 10 years of documentation on previous lawsuits is unnecessary. Do you require this to all franchise owners? I'm also in an apprentice leg, learning the business as I build it. I honestly answer all my prospects how I'm doing in the business. However I think requiring exact financial disclosures would kill a lot of momentum to the 95% of Americans like myself who are trying to make ends meet but can't, and our opportunity is an option that many of us need. I paid money to student teach, I did not make any money while student teaching. We state in our business plan that the apprentice leg is not that profitable when building it, that it is on the job training to learn how to build it correctly. Requiring a 7 day wait would also kill momentum regarding people getting started correctly with hope. Thank you, Douglas Andrew