Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11561

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Rock Woodland
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Business Opportunity Rule
To FTC Hi, my name is Rock Woodland and I am with Quixtar. I like the idea of using a standard for all direct selling companies to abide by but I think some may hurt the industry more than help it. Every Quixtar group that I know of has open meetings that we bring our prospects to where they can meet other IBO's (Independent Business Owners) and prospects. They are also introduced to the business plan and given income averages for each level of the business. I believe this is a much better way for prospects to talk with other IBO's face to face and ask questions, than to give a list of names and contact information. Providing the personal contact information of 10 IBO's to a prospect is totally wrong and opens those IBO's to illegal/fraudulent use of that information. One of these IBO's may also talk the prospect into working with them and therefore I would lose that prospect. The lose of a prospect to another IBO could potentially hurt the income for my business and family. The seven day waiting period would definitely hurt our registering rate. We have found that the longer a prospect waits, the more likely that they will not register. This has nothing to do with the opportunity but more with who the prospect talks with and the opinion of the people they talk to. Quixtar has a full money back guarantee on there products and even the registration fee, which is under $200.00. Listing all legal allegations, lawsuits, arbitrations and other legal claims against Quixtar and its IBO's from the past 10 years is putting an unnecessary burden on the corporation and it's IBO's. How do we determine if the allegations about an IBO is related to their Quixtar business or some other part of there life? Does Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Car Dealerships have to disclose all allegations against them to potential employees? I just believe that this is unnecessary and burdensome. Quixtar and the business opportunity provides thousands of people and their families a way to deal with the raising costs of every day living. I believe that Quixtar has enough save guards in place that makes it a viable option for anyone who is looking to generate extra income. The only real problem I see is that it is a people business and there are good and bad people. The good news is that the bad people don't last long in this business. I encourage you to make good thoughtful changes that will make our business stronger without making it more difficult. There are no guarantees in any business venture and to try an over regulate this industry to make it full proof, would be putting this opportunity out of the reach for the common person. Sincerely, Rock Woodland