Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11555

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Michael McGill
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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been a Quixtar IBO for about a year now and I am proud of the decision that I have made. With or with out references from other IBO it was a decision that I made and could only make for myself not based on other people opinions. After seeing the presentation and completing a follow up interview where all of my questions were answered I was ready to start building my own business. Waiting seven days before I could register wouldnt have made any sense to me. I was then invited out to an open meeting where I met other IBOs and by seeing the excitement on their faces I knew I joined a business worth while. Requiring IBOs to provide prospects with references doesnt make a difference because it is a choice they need make on their own not follow what others are doing. Also, it would not make a difference to know what an average IBO makes, once you understand the business you will understand that there is no ceiling on the amount of money YOU can make but just as you have to work hard in the corporate world to make money you have to put the same effort towards your own business in order to make the amount of money you would like to make. Lastly, providing a list of legal allegations wouldn't matter. Every company, especially one that is successful and profitable, will be sued by someone for some reason whether it is legit or not. I know that my business is backed by a solid company and that is all that matters.