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Helen Taylor
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Business Opportunity Rule
My husband Glenn and I have been IBOs for 6 Years. Our major goal then was to replace my income as a Professional Ski Coach and Waitress! We have done that and alot more! Because of the education with Network21 we have been learning how to become business owners while still working. I am 46 Glenn is 43. We live in a small mountain town and it has been great going to "school" in our cars! Because of partnering with ambitious, goal oriented people we bought a restaurant 4 years ago and doubled our income. Glenn was a Resort Lodge Manager for 13 years and it was so awesome seeing him grow and gain confidence through associating with such successful business owners in Network21. Our restaurant is very successful and we atribute that to the continuing education we receive from Network21! We are learning to take full responsibility for our financial future! Our goal is to become totally debt free and achieve the highest level available with Network21! Our Coach provided us with more than enough information when we 1st got started with Quixtar and now with the websites there is so much information. When we sponsor others we make sure they are aware that there is going to be work ahead. We meet with our partners weekly and have workshops once a month and 3 weekend conferences a year. We always give people the option of becoming an IBO or a shopper! We are looking for the people who are looking for us! No matter what, the information and education is there! Depending on what our partners want to do, the registration is around 200.00. If they are serious about wanted to start their business it is around 500.00. That includes a conference ticket for the weekend seminar. That said, a 7 day waiting period would not be beneficial to anyone especially the prospect because by that time they have been given more than enough information to make a decision. As always we provide a 100% money back guarantee, but most people love the products and just become shoppers if they decide not to build their own is totally up to them! We have bi-weekly Business Previews where the prospects can come and meet other IBOs. There the IBO opportunity is shown and it takes about 45 minutes then we have time for impact statements and we answer my experience this is a takes time to learn how to become a business owner, it just doesn't happen over night! We have audited statistics from Quixtar as to what IBO's in the business world we are paid according to the work we do and in Quixtar it is no different. Glenn and I are not very at a very high earning level with Quixtar but we took a different path and if we had never started our own business with Network21 I would still be a waitress and Glenn an emplyee for a corporation with no hope of ever raising our income level! So it wouldn't be fair to disclose our earnings as the prospect might might get the wrong idea and assume we weren't successful. Glenn and I are very excited about the future! Our marriage, finances, friendships have all been enhanced by us making that 1st small step to start our own business! We did not know what kind of impact it was going to have in our lives..and we are proud to be associated with the people of Network21 and Quixtar who are honest, hardworking people with their hearts and business ethic in the right place! Thank you! Helen C Taylor