Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11533

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Mikael Clouse
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Business Opportunity Rule
My name is Mikael Clouse and I have been an IBO using Quixtar for just over 3 years. I have enjoyed the opportunity to build my own business using Quixtars recources. I did not see this as a "get rich quick" opportunity. I saw this as a way to create some independence and extra money to help provide for my family. When I registered all of the available options and rewards were explained and I was given enough information to choose which one was right for me and my family, and we did. When I registered I spent roughly $40 to become an IBO and I chose to purchase a product starter for about $50 to get familar with some of the key items that I would be marketing. The last item was a magazine subsciption for about $20 year that provides product updates as well as success stories. In regrads to the "seven day waiting period" I do not see a benifit to anyone. If some one would like to choose this business vehcicle they should have the opprotunity to get started right away. Making additional appointments to get back together with prospects who were ready to get started in the first place would take additional time and recources that would affect a small business like mine. The information is very simple and clear and with no financial risk I see no benifit to this. I see no value by providing references to prospects. This could allow the opportunity for prospects that I have spent time to contact and educate to be registered by others. Quixtar provides great recources to hear a huge number of third party opionions on this business. All the needed info is already there to be had. If one of our new IBO's chooses to build a larger business and wants to use some of the available training programs they can meet thousands of IBO's within a specific line of sponsorship and also get first hand information. A litigation list serves no purpose. giving merrit to any accusations without proof or final verdict. Income is based on performance. The key is to show what is possible with work and effort. What I or anyone else makes has no relationship to what a new prospect makes. If they work hard the sky is the limit, if they dont they will make nothing, as it should be. This is made very clear in the quixtar approved materials. I have been coached from the very start not to promote what 'I" make, just find out what the prospect whants from this opportunity and help them acheive that, big or small. I was very "skeptical" about this opportunity when I first looked at it. However the factual information that is available and the track record of this company is very impressive. I am proud to partner with Quixtar and feel that this is an excellent business opportunity for anyone, regardless of their experience or background. Thank you for listening to people who are doing the work to make their business work.