Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11517

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Tom Hay
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
From what I understand that you are trying to pass a bill that will invade the privite affairs of individuals and MIM business opportunities. Especially those that are honest, not spamming and products are helpful the the health to us members that are using the products. We use similiar products anyway so why not benefit with getting other members to use the products. We are not pressured in any way and do not have to fill our basements, garages with hundred or thousands of dollars of products to sell. If people want to order, they can directly from the company and the products are shipped directly to the customer. They can do this by phone or the internet. They can upgrade as an associate if they want to do so. There are companies such as Watkins who have been manufacturing quality products for over 125 years that are not sold in stores. So why are you proposing these stipulations now an allow spamming to go on in the internet. Don't tell me its not happening as I have to junk spam every day sometimes 10 to 20. Do kill an industry that is helpful to our economy. Look over each one and find the companies where people do not make money and the requirement for products is not beneficial to them. Thank you for this opportunity to enter my protest is some of the things you are trying to pass. My freedom in doing so. Sincerely, Tom Hay