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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been an IBO since Quixtar was born and as a professional in the medical field I have always enjoyed helping people with honesty and integrity as bedrock to whatever I do. I was attracted to Quixtar because that is what this business stands for...there are careful checks and balances within the BWW system to uphold standards of fairness and excellence without gimicks but with trust, honesty, a level playing field and genuine help from the mentorship system. Therefore the constraints the FTC is proposing would be counter productive to both prospects and IBO's. As IBO's we are taught to extend these qualities of honesty and integrity to our teamates (downline). I have always given new prospects more than enough information by having them meet team members, given approved business documents and supported their decision whether to join or not with NO pressure. I strongly feel that the 7 day wait, a list of business references, a list of legal allegations and substantiation of icome are completely unnecessary in the case of my experience with the BWW Quuixtar business team. The business oppportuinity is so much more than money for me...It has given me friendship,personal growth and enhanced my already firm spiritual values and enhanced my ability to help others become more well-rounded people. The proposed limits the FTC is suggesting would be of no benefit to either prospect or IBO. When I promise to devote part of ,my lilfe to help another, I want to make sure the prospect has the potential to become successful, so I personallly give them the chance to meet siccessful people, give appropriate resources and evaluate whether they have a true desire or need to learn the success principles offered in the training system. Disclosing personal income to a prospect is contrary to my privacy. There is also so much benefit that comes that is priceless. How do you put a pricetag on improved physical, mental, and emotional health? I appreciate the opportunity to share a few of my thoughts with you. I pray God gives you wisdom to make the right decisions that are best for all.