Business Opportunity Rule #522418-11459

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suresh punj
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Business Opportunity Rule
My wife and I have been Amway/Quixtar distributors for sixteen years,and the highest level we reached is called Ruby level(approx.$30,000 sale a month) following the Amway Sales & Marketing plan as approved by FTC.Today we have a big group of distributors in the USA and in other countries who are pursuing their goals and dreams thru the same process and have achieved different levels of success. When we were shown the business opportunity,enough info. was provided to us to make a qualified decision and also had clear options to resign and get all our money back if we chose,including on the products we might have consumed. Today we explain the business to prospects clearly specifying that this is not a "get rich quick" scheme and their success will depend on their own hard work and commitment.We clearly specify how much it costs to register and all of the money can be refunded to them if they decide within 90 days to opt out of the business.They get opportunity to meet with other distributors on the team and discuss their concerns/fears and also to learn from distributors who have reached different levels of success.There are special meetings organized for this purpose. The new propsals will unjustly restrict all the distributors' ability to conduct business and unjustly distance the opportunity from all prospects.Amway and Quixtar in our opinion have always represented their business plan in its purest form and vigilantly enforced their rules of conduct on their distributors.We believe these rules sufficently safeguard the distributors and prospects from any wrongful representation by anyone.And any more legislation,specially the proposed one,will only put uncalled-for restraints on the independent business owners and thus the free enterprise system that this great nation stands for. While we are always available for testify our experiences in our pursuit of Amway/Quixtar,we cannot consent to our personal info. including our address/phone# made available randomly to any prospects. To provide info. to prospects about all lawsuits over 10year period will serve no purpose unless we also show the merits of each of these lawsuits.To protect our rights we are free to sue anyone.To give out that information to prospects will not serve any purpose and will only be burdensome addition of paperwork. When we show business to prospects we normally do not sign them up on the spot but give them material to go over and meet 2-3 days later to ask their decion.To mandate prospects to wait for seven days before they can register will only slow down the business tremendously without serving any additional purpose.It may expose them to other distributors' and potentially other business distributors' unfair soliciting.The prospect's choice to register immediately after seeing the business plan must be upheld,because sooner they sign-up sooner they can start selling products and also register others. To end we strongly believe the existing laws are sufficient to protect prospects and business owners.Amway and Quixtar have all the rules of conduct in place to serve that purpose in its fullest form both in letter and in spirit.And no additional legislation or changes are needed. Kindly review all proposals in view of above.